Business Plan

A business plan is the process of determining how an organization or a business can reach its goal, which is aimed at the right action through the process of analysis, evaluation, and selection opportunities among the predicted beforehand. The purpose of planning is to establish a coordinated effort within the organization.

Business plan is usually made by the business itself or with the help of a professional to make a more specific planning and more efficient.

When creating a business plan, not only to analyze the state of the future but include analysis of the details of the business that has past, the current business plan and analysis of business plans for the future.

So what are the requirements of a self-employed or entrepreneurs to start a business? Here are some of the most important elements in the initial opening effort.

Element - a key element of business planning::
  1. Knowledge elements -  This element is very important in making a person to not be effected in the scam business.
  2. Skills elements - This element refers to a person's creativity and initiative to create a new thing.
  3. Precaution elements - Elements that much to do with the mental attitude in addressing an issue that will come up as well as plans are expected to be experienced.

The Main Purpose of Planning is Needed
  1. Protecting goals (Protective): Minimizes risk by reducing uncertainly about business conditions and explain the consequences of managerial actions related.
  2. Agreements destination (Affirmative): Increasing the level of organizational success.

Benefits Include Business Planning
  1. Standards implementation and supervision.
  2. Preparation of priorities, both targets and activities.
  3. Can approaching presuming the truth.
  4. Comparing the results with the plan.
  5. Communication tool to convince the other party.
  6. Entrepreneurial can thinks critically and objectively. 
Business Plan

7 Components That Must Be In A Business Plan

There are seven components in preparing a business plan, all part are important. Interrelated and interconnected in business planning activities so as to produce a good preparation for starting a business.

Finance Puller will discuss briefly about how to create a business plan that is simple, of course this concept can be developed as needed to find the most suitable concept and flexible.

Review Description of Business
Here you should explain briefly what area s of the business to be run. Write down your product potential of current and likely future. Also provide information about market opportunities and the development of products to survive and adapt to the existing market.

Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy will be executed must be the result of market analysis that has been done carefully. Analysis of the market is a force to be used  to create the target buyer, you have to understand all aspects relating to the market so that the sales target can be determined (where your product will be market).

Competitor Analysis 
Competitor analysis is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in the same market. After finding their strength, then look for the strategy to market a product in a way that is different from the competitors. You also have to find a strategy to deter competitor entry and mimic the same strategy with you.

Likewise, the vulnerability is discovered, it can be exploited to develop a better product than your competitors.

Design and Development Plan
Plan Design and development are needed to demonstrate the product planning stage, the chart in the context of the development of production and sales. It is useful to make a budget plan production according to the needs.

Operational Plan and Management
Operational and management plans were made to explain how the business will be viable and sustainable. Operational plan will focus on the needs of logistic companies, such as various duties and responsibilities of the management team, how the assignment procedure between divisions within the company as well as budget requirements and expenditure relating to the operations of the company.

Factor financing becomes an important element in a business plan. Where the source of the funding comes from, how to adjust the budget to be efficient but still be able to operate all divisions within the company to run smoothly.

Conclusion Enterprises
The latter are arranged is the conclusion of the whole framework of the business plan. You can display the time schedule for each of the above components will be conducted, the approximate time and other important matters that will support all activities in starting a business.

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