Family Financial Planning

To achieve a happy family life, financial planning should begin before the wedding. Many people underestimate the financial planning, consequently not harmonious family when entering a 5 to 10 year marriage.

The following family planning tips that you can apply to get the family a happy dream.

Financial Communication before Marriage 
The following are some key things need to be discussed and agreed upon the prospective spouses, among others:

- How much does a wedding cost? Simple party and did not owe.
- Where to stay? Until how long? When to have your own home?
- How the number of children that would be owned? How's school?
- How to manage money? Who holds the money?
- How to finance the needs to the household?

Agreed on the essentials above, so that everything can be tempered with calm.

The Wedding Party
A wedding is not a peak or the end of a marriage but rather the beginning of a journey of a lifetime. Start your journey with this family a simple wedding and holy, not with luxury and extravagance. A wedding is not show of wealth and ability, but rather a sacred bond mate for life along with thanksgiving.

Design a wedding according to economic ability and don't start building with household owes. It would be better if the funds used for other purposes are more important, for example, to pay for the down payment of the house.

Wife Supports Her Husband Working 
In fact, the husband is responsible for the household economy, so he is worthy and deserving work to earn a living for the family that it set up.

Wife has the option of working at home as housewives, especially when it has to have a child. Husband and wife share the role and cooperate in various fields. Maybe you are interested in business casual for women.

The Initial Financial Communication Trust 
Financial communications creates confidence, poise, and love. Should be done early and can be started at any time, even in the age of marriage that is old. Financial communication is done with an open heart and excited for the sake of the interest of the families who built. Husband and wife deserves an open convey how much income is received.

Talking about the future goals of the family through financial communication so that married couples may engage directly be active in planning, organizing, and managing family finances.

It's Our Money
Family financial management is the responsibility of the husband and wife together. After entering a marriage and build family, there are no more words 'is received" and "it's your money", this is "living our money".

Family Financial Planning

Although only the husband working to earn a living, the sustenance that is retrieved is jointly owned, family-owned, family-sustenance. Their living together, the husband and wife to talk about shared interests, children, and families. There is no provision for hidden self-interest. Family interests are above the interests of themselves husband and wife.

Simple Start is Piece 
Planning and financial management of the family began to be carried out with the simple life at home. Eating together at home, other helpful to save the budget, also are healthier and can strengthen the relationship of husband and wife through cordial communication.

Do eat together more often, especially if already have children. Eat with the children strengthen personal relationships of parents with children.

The Dream of the Future
Communicate your dreams together with the couple about the future to be achieved. Some dream of a decent future championed such as setting up a fund for the education of children, delivering each child up to the level of our marriage, and prepare the old standalone happy prosperous.

The income of a person or a family can be obtained from two sources, namely:

- Salary of the formal jobs.
- A benefit of business results.

Earning this income is grouped in an active, meaning income earned when someone works or trying. When he stops working or trying, then this revenue will be stalled. Then, there's one or more source of revenue that can be gained, namely flowers or return of the investment, which was built and owned by someone after the salary or allowance accumulate profit each month. This is called passive income earners, meaning without any work, someone will still receive an income.

Working Period
Active income can be halted at any time, and there is no certainty will remain until the age of 55 years (reaching retirement age). The risks that can stop a person's active income of investment include:

- Fired / laid off from work, as incompetent or insolvent companies.
- Pain in a long time.
- Permanent disability due to accident.
- Died when a young / productive.

Need or Desire 
Achievement of the prosperous life in the future starts with always giving priority to the needs today, and not to desire. Need not come suddenly, and can interfere with the safety and comfort of life today when not met. Whereas the desire is almost always come suddenly without a plan, and when filled, can interfere with the safety and comfort of the future.

Before fulfilling wishes, please analyze the following:

- Is this desire is important with regard to the stability of your life?
- Is this desire will appease you for a long time, at least 1 year?
- Do you have to plan and prepare funds to pay for the wish?

Needs vs. the Desire
The price you pay for expensive wishes often times worth 10 times the price of need (much more expensive). The happiness felt desire fulfilled often lasts only a moment. The desire to eat the cuisine at the restaurant might be worth 10 times the price of a meal at home needs.

Manage Your Earnings
The main strategy for achieving independent and prosperous life in the future is able to manage financial, by allocating any earnings received consistently, from now until the future arrives.

Disciplined allocation of earnings today is the key to a prosperous future.

Wise in Owe 
Owe is not prohibited, but it is wise to do so. Owe consumer goods is okay, but make sure the goods are useful in a long time, and the old stuff is already obsolete or not functioning properly. Owe to productive use will make the heart calm and happy.

Please indebted to official institutions such as:
- Bank.
- Financing.
- Pawnshop

Make sure that total number of mortgage loans does not exceed your financial capabilities, i.e. a maximum of 30% of the monthly income.

The State of Emergency 
Emergencies can occur at any time, without a predictable time. When it happens, it will interfere with the state and management of your finances and family. Termination of employment relationships, accidents, diseases and fire / earthquake disasters can happen to you, your family, and property.

Avoid emergency situations that disturb and threaten the achievement of your future financial goals.

Immediately get up an emergency fund of at least 3 to 6 times the cost of your monthly lives, and set up in the form of liquid funds (easier thawed), such as precious metals and deposits 1 monthly.

Insurance Protect 
Some emergency situations require relatively large funds, and often built an emergency fund is insufficient for use to pay any state of emergency. Protect your financial security due to emergency situations which have a major impact with insurance protection.

Allocate the earnings to pay the insurance premium by 10% making your life is safe and comfortable. Insurance premiums you pay are relatively cheap to bear the risks and if there is can cause financial losses that are expensive.

Be sure to purchase insurance coverage from an insurance company, certified agents, and insurance brokers to obtain permission from the financial services authority.

The Education Fund 
The child is the responsibility of parents, so parents are decent education provides funds for every child up to the undergraduate level. Set aside education fund every month 20% of the income and you will probably shed a tear is happy when your child is called to receive a toga while graduate undergraduate school graduation mark.

In addition to the allocate education fund each month money for school children at this time, you are asked to prepare for the needs of the education fund in the future, up to undergraduate level.

Some solutions to prepare for a future education of children by using the investment instruments are as follows:

- Education saving bank.
- Insurance education.
- Education fund through investments in bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.
- Precious metals mortgages.

Life without a plan is the same meaning with planned to live failure. Avoid futile regret late age, when everything was too late. Plan your future by investing in various investment instruments today. Do not think to wait for the new rich invest, but rather invest only to wealth for independent and prosperous future.

Learn and understand some of the investment instruments can be used to achieve independent and prosperous future:

- Retirement savings bank.
- Precious metals pawn shop.
- Pension insurance.
- Bonds, mutual funds, and stock market capital.
- Pension funds.

Set aside funds' investment by 10% - 20% of your monthly income on a regular basis since it is now until the future arrives (reaching retirement age).

A Happy Old Age
A happy old age you can fill with various activities. Enjoy the atmosphere of the house or watching movies at home with relatives, or active in a business which is fun and give you an advantage.

Whatever your choice, do joyfully in the ability and economic independence. Your joy in the old days of economic independence, and is a basic appreciation of others around you.

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