Marketing Tips For Small Business

Marketing in general is the last priority in terms of small business expenses. However, there are several ways and tips to move the Marketing Campaign for free for your business.

Moreover, these are five tips free marketing for small business without spending penny:

Social Media
Harnessing the power of social media are necessary for any small business. However, we must choose the right platform to pour energy and time into. Do not because they are many companies who frequently use Facebook we also we follow the market at Facebook. So how do we use social media right? To find out which social media platforms are good for us, we must first understand our target market.

They often use what media platform and what habits. Do not make the mistake of using social media, especially in the case of the posting schedule. Because of the success of social media, marketing relies heavily on consistent posting updates, informing, and responding to audience.

Become Experts
We should be able to position themselves as experts in our field, so that the name of our efforts can be known and will attract new customers. Identify the target media and contacted reporters to proclaim what we talked about. Journalists always write a story every day, and they require expert opinions on the topics they write. Then offer to write blogs or websites that except postings industry we are also an effective way to demonstrate our expertise. And this could be our marketing strategy.

Survey Your Customers 
Survey do not need to cost anything - what to know how people can know our products?
Answer to questions - questions that we give to people about our product that will help in improving the marketing the marketing strategy further.

Marketing Tips For Small Business

Fill Your Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for a good Google rankings and directing people to visit our website. However, there are still many business owners do not even know precisely confusion about SEO, so that confusion must start from where. One way Google ranks a website is by looking at how many relevant links directing people to our website from another website. Or it could play a key word of the article that we make, the more keywords that we use is likely the greater the number of people looking for our keywords, and it will affect our SEO as well.

Use Google My Business
Google's Business is one of the ways provided by Google to your verify our offline business into the online realm. A lot of benefits when we use the Google My Business is : can any time updates about product / service, build potential customers and loyal customers, our customers can give a review for business / service, easy to navigate our business using Google Maps or Advertisement.

Consistent Branding
We must make our branding efforts, because this is very important. Have efforts but we have the uniformity?

To build the image of unity and professionalism we have consistently branding. The way for branding a business. For examples we have to explain the importance of a consistent look and feel have. Not only that, we also have to make such cards, signatures, email, and collateral sales promotion, corporate uniforms and stationery.. It was created as the identity of our efforts. With that the staff working with us will feel proud of the company and other people will see that we are a professional company.

So consistent branding is very important, if inconsistent then people will be confused and not interested and do not believe in the credibility of our efforts.

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