Product Marketing Strategy

How to market and promote a product or services with the right strategy so that it can sell well? The question is certainly embedded in the minds of business people, especially for young entrepreneurs, both business B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Customer to Customers), as well as actors B2B (Business to Business).

Understanding a good way of doing business is not easy, especially if you have to understand the needs of consumers ranging from up to marketing and sales. You should do some research from A to Z. From raw materials to production, cost of production operations, proper marketing, and of course the profit or loss of business you run.

Product Marketing Strategy

In running a business, there are things more important than creating a product, the marketing of products and services performed by reliable. The marketing strategy is the key to the success of the sale of a product or service. But the product quality must also be considered since become an important point in the marketing. After you make sure your products have good quality, create a good marketing strategy and effective so that the process can run dynamic and controlled.

Fortunately has now entered the digital age that make it easier for business to run their business, especially in terms of marketing and promoting the product or service. You can use an online store to sell products or services, product promotion in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or trading forum.

For the sector of small scale traders, we've easily find websites and companies that facilitate the business of promotion to the end user. But, how to market and promote the B2B products, particularly industrial goods MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operational)?

Here are three strategies to market the product:

The first way, optimize B2B Online Marketplace Website.
Online B2B Marketplace is both capable of bridging the relationship between vendor and consumer. The vendor is finding customers for industrial MRO products that are marketed and otherwise, consumers are also easily locate vendors MRO product needs.

The second way, empowering Customer Relationship Management 
In the B2B world, the process needed to occur much more complex transactions and in comparison to B2C and C2C. Even after the transactions occurs, a process that consumers want to become regulars difficult.

Therefore, business and marketing experts suggested that B2B vendors want a lasting business should pay attention to post sales process, particularly in terms of customers relationship management.

The third way, a routine follow Business Exhibition
Way B2B marketing and promotional world is relatively different from the B2C and C2C. Face to face meetings and instantly became one of the important factors foster trust in the vendor and consumer.

Exhibition business is an excellent example the event to make direct meetings with many vendors and consumers. You can directly offer products to consumers at a relatively cheaper price and of course the quality of product.

You can also do a question and answer to consumers about the advantages of your products, specifications, operations, product safety, and more.

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