Business Donald Trump in Islamic Countries

Business Donald Trump in Islamic countries - The U.S, presidential candidates, Donald Trumps, called for banning the Muslims entry into the United States. However, in reality, he raked in millions of U.S dollars of business in countries with a population of majority Muslim.

In the latest personal financial reports that are required of all U.S presidential candidates and in personal sites, Trump has a fairly long list of related business in the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

Trump also have two new business plans in Indonesia.

The following business Donald Trump in those countries:

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Trump Organization has planned the construction of two golf resorts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In his report, exposures to Trump States have done agreement management with DAMAC Crescent Properties. However, he has yet to explain the income from this business. The resort any unopened, although his plan would be completed this year.

2. Baku, Azerbaijan 
In November 2014, Trump announced a partnership to build a luxury hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan, on the Caspian Sea. In his report, Trump started that he obtained a profit of 2.5 million US dollars to the cost of the management of the Trump International Hotel Tower & Baku.

Business Donald Trump in Islamic Countries
Photo by CNN

3. Istanbul, Turkey
Trump Towers, Sisli, a residential is 40 floors in Istanbul, Turkey. In his personal website, Trump stated that he did not have a building. However, the owner has licensed his name. Revenue of royalties from licenses those one million US dollars up to five million US dollars

4. Indonesia
A few months ago, Trump announced plans to build a super resort luxury in Bali, and a golf course in West Java, Indonesia. The construction of the golf course is a first for Trump in Asia. However, these plans are overdue are included in a data record the nomination of the president.

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