Car Loan Guide

For those of you who want to buy a car by taking a loan, consider the following guidelines to avoid fatal errors that interfere with your finances. Back again with transport remains one of the problems that still can make you dizzy, especially if you live in big cities.

The following guidelines for you car loan.

Choose the right vehicle for your car
The desire to have the car often makes a person forget other things. Such exclusion of car interior and exterior features select the car as per your choice. Every car manufactures is always issuing different types for one car.

Prepare a budget for buying a car to suit credits your earnings
Be the most risk are taken into account, if you want a car loan with a low price, then prepare the money credit advances is great, so that repayments can be a minimalist. Do not let mediocre your earning to pay the installments of the car. But if you take the credit calculation can be detrimental to consumers. Usually sales will make the calculation of repayments in installments with interest or advantage that is not natural for people who are new ever car loan.

Prepare the items of car loans
Prepare requirements for completeness of car loan, usually almost the same terms required:

- Photocopy of the identity of the official.
- Photocopying salary slip.
- Photocopying a savings account
- And others

Calculate your car loan repayments
Total interest = P x I x N
Monthly interest = Total interest / B
Large installment = (P + Total interest) / B
P =  Principal amount of credit
I = the interest rate per year
N = Length of time credit in units of years
B = Length of time credit in the month

Car Loan Guide

Error when taking a car loan
Congestion and comfort when on the road is the major factor that must be considered when driving. Because of this, many people who choose to buy a car because it could shorten the time to get to the goal and efficient in everything especially the cost. Be easier to apply for a car loan, people flocked to buy it, sometimes without paying the slightest credit cash advance, the car was to be taken home by the buyer is assuming an expensive monthly credit different from the person that pays cash advance great credit. So, for monthly bills can be cheaper and tenor taken not too long.

For it for those of you who would like to buy a car with credit way, check out some of the mistakes that should be avoided when filing a credit for a cars

Bought to show off
There are still people who buy cars to simply show off holiday arrived. That's exactly what should be avoided, because the purchase is not for necessity. Sometimes buying a car just because the hungry eye just because of the many new cars that many outstanding right now, not just the machine as well as a new feature, although only stripping the new course nonetheless there are still communities that want to buy.

Don't buy when debt accumulates 
Ideally your debts should not be more than 30% of salary. Buying a car in credit will add to your debt each month, so consider in advance when it will ask a loan car, if indeed buy a car for the needs, customize with salary and your debt each month.

Not looking for the best leasing 
The large number of car finance companies and a variety of makes some of these companies do not act in a professional manner. Look for companies that are incorporated in a member of the Association of Finance Companies. You also don't get lazy search for price comparisons between dealers, as it could have been in one of the dealer gives the opportunity to enlarge the credit cash advance and negotiating was always to get the lowest monthly bill.

Long loan period
So if the car does take credit for too long. Hence, negotiation right with good time would ask car loans, cash advance credit will make smaller repayments and tenor (a period of debt repayment) is getting short. Your debt load became lighter if the captured the tenors of the shorter, faster also credit you in full.

Registration, insurance, and neglected 
Select the leasing charge of registration and insurance of your car. So when paid off, registration, can you take, there is no such thing as registration, you shall create any warranty by leasing it to other banks. make sure you can keep insurance for car loans, guarantee any problems that occur on your car for credit and easy claims process.

Should avoid the things mentioned above will apply for credit when a car, so that in the future you did not feel burdened. Customize with your current needs and capabilities will take a car loan. That is car loan guide.

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