How to Plant With Hydroponic System

Plant hydroponic system use for now is becoming very popular. The word hydroponics is derived from Greece which is "hydro" meaning water, and "ponics" meaning power or energy or labor. So plant a hydroponic system that means plant water using media or labor.

Hydroponic is also known as soilless culture or cultivation without the use of soil media. So hydroponic cultivation means that utilize water and without the use of soil as planting or soilless media.

Planting with hydroponic mean we farm with attention to the fulfillment of the nutrients for the plant in question, or other term to farm land but without using water containing nutrients needed crops. Apparently people have realized the importance of the needs of fertilizer for plants.

Wherever the growth of a plant will still be able to grow well in nutrition always required would be sure. In this context the role of the ground is to buffer the plant and the water is the solvent-free nutrients, to then be absorbed by plants.

From this finally appeared some cultivation using hydroponic water we call, where the emphasis is the fulfillment of the needs of the plant nutrients.

Hydroponic plant technique there is six ways, among others:

1. The Aeroponic System.
2. The Drip System.
3. The Nutrient Film Technique.
4. The EBB and Flow System.
5. The Deep Water Culture System.
6. The Wick System.

From the hydroponic systems to six, let's explain the sense one by one.

Aeroponic Systems

Hydroponic Aeroponic Systems
The technique of aeroponic hydroponic system is the most sophisticated and may also provide the best results and fastest in the growth in hydroponic gardening. This is possible because a nutrient solution is given or sprayed directly onto the fog-shaped root, so the plant roots more easily absorb the nutrient solution which many contain oxygen, while the plant is in need of nutrients and oxygen in its growth.

The System Drops

Hydroponic The System Drops
The system drops is a hydroponics system is often used for the moment. The operating system and how it works is very simple, namely by using a timer to control the pump. At the time the pump is switched on, the pump shed nutrients to each plant. In order to stand upright, plant growing media use is sustained, such as cockpit, zeolite, husk, sand, etc. exceed to the land.

System NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)

Hydroponic System NFT
Nutrient Film Technique systems this is the most popular way in the term hydroponics. NFT system is continuously drain the nutrients are dissolved in the water without using a timer to pump. These nutrients flowing into the gully past the roots of plants and then returned to the shelter water so on.

System EBB and Flow system

Hydroponic System EBB and Flow system
EBB systems and flow works by flooding while container growth with nutrients to water on a certain boundaries, and then return the nutrients into the shelter, so on. This system requires a pump that is connected to the timer.

System Deep Water Culture

Hydroponic System Deep Water Culture
Water culture is a simple hydroponic system. Support the plant container usually made of Styrofoam and floats directly with nutrients. Air is pumped into the water stone that makes bubbles as supply oxygen to plant roots.

Wick System

Hydroponic Wick System
Wick system is one of the simplest of hydroponic technique once and usually used by beginners. This system includes passive, because there are no moving parts. Nutrients flowing into the growth medium from within a container using axes.

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