How to Plant Grapes in a Pot

Grapes are one of the vine, ways of cultivation occurring own messes. Some are planting grapes in the pot or propagated directly on the home page.

The fruit is usually consumed directly or it could be processed into juice or other food ingredients to mix. The fruit can also be processed into raisins. The taste is sweet and a little sour. The shape is also rounded and some are oval and its color varies. There are red, purple, and green. Grapes contain a vitamin that can prevent cancer and other diseases as well. In addition it is also useful as anti-free radicals.

With planted in the pot, we can get along well. Because these crops including vines, then the fruit is hanging so it will look unique. So in addition to cultivated, how to plant grapes in the pot can also be to decorate your home page. But how to plant grapes in the pot cannot be indiscriminate. Because there are several things to consider so that plants can grow grapes well. From the selection of pots, planting media, until her treatment also needs to be done right. Because of the plant's own grapes if you want good results, different way by planting other plants.

The first step in how to plant grapes in the pot is choosing the right pots. Of different types of pot, the pot is suitable for the type a grape is made from the base of the soil. Because the pot off the ground has pores at the base can absorb water. So his influence is quite good for growing grapes. Select a nice pot model also because of how grow plants this unique grape, coupled with a nice pot can make the look becomes more beautiful. Select the size of the pot diameter is larger than the surface is essentially the same size or larger.

How to Plant Grapes in a Pot

In addition, the plant's roots also did not easy to dry if it is late in providing water and also do not give if too much moist air. So it is advisable to choose a nice pot with raw material from the ground. Step how to plant grapes in the next pot is planting media. The planting medium used for growing wine in the pot should be in accordance with the characteristics of the vines themselves. A suitable growing media for grape planting is sand and also manure. Sands easily penetrated the water and also the root of the grapes. Before seeds of grape put into the pot, first enter the sand and the manure that's been mixed with blended. To be great, 1/3 pot filled peat in order to hinder the water out of the pot.

How to plant a grape in a pot
The second step, enter the first bricks were already broken into small inserted into the base of the pot. The bricks can be replaced with tiles and then planting media that is already mixed with an earlier put into the pot. And then fill to the brim. After that create holes planting grapes in the center with a size larger than a grape seed used poly bag.

The next step of planting grapes in a pot
Enter grape seedling have been removed from the poly bag into the hole in the pot. Set the plant so that the upright position. Then close again the surface of the planting medium. The next flush and the height of the land will decrease to 5 cm from the edge of the pot due to compaction in the growing media. Lastly, place the plant in a place with full sun exposure.

Similarly information on how to grow grapes in the pot, hopefully this information can help you determine plant grapes in pots properly.

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