The Most Popular Financial Resolutions

The most popular financial resolutions - Almost everyone has a habit of reflecting on her during one year back to know what achievements have been achieved. So, each individual can correct himself about anything that has not yet had a chance to come true in her life. Things have not reached will be used as a reference to welcome the New Year and determine the resolution that will be used as the target for one year to the next.

According to the survey conducted Fidelity, a provider of financial services in the U.S, about 37 percent of the respondents said that the most popular financial resolution in 2016. And they expect better financially than in the previous year.

The survey states, top financial resolution is most popular saving (54 percent), downsize the popular financial resolution entered in the second (19 percent), and the third place is occupied by the respondents who want to pay off their debts be it in the form of installment credit card, car loan, mortgage home loan and other installment (16 percent). How about you?

Whether a financial resolution also included in top of your achievement in 2016? Basically everything related to money will be the top most discussion in the resolution. This is what causes a financial resolution is always entered in the list of the accomplishments of each individual. The following list of the most popular financial resolution:

Save money
Save money and save more money into savings will always be a financial resolution of each individual. The problem is, whether it can be realized according to plan? Generally the millennial generation (aged 18-24 years) are very passion for saving. In the age of their passion to the streets and buy an item so high that they often save money in order to make it happen.

The key of saving it is to make savings and meet your saving goals. Good short term goals and long term, if you include individuals who are forgetful and extravagant, you can schedule a saved automatically. The trick is to direct debit (direct pull) of the account to be channeled into savings.

You belong to the individual who is wasteful and fond of wasting money to buy goods to its consumerist? If downsize entered in your financial resolution in the next year, then stop the wasteful habits you immediately. Don't ease insistence on sale, even though the items are discounted at is not included in the requirements. You can begin pruning costs unnecessary. For example, if you rarely at home better just deactivated subscription cable TV and the internet. The goal, so that the cost can be allocated to savings to make ends meet.

Pay of debt
Credit card bills, mortgage home loan to have not paid off in 2015. And each individual has a range of debt and repayments. Generally each installment repayments you have simply confiscate your income each month. The solution, you have to pay the installment that has the highest interest rate first. When your credit card interest rate of 3 percent/month, then first right to set aside your income in order to pay the credit card first.

Invest early, whatever the investment instruments. In fact, the investment can prevent a bad financial condition. When in the year 2015, you haven't had time to invest then set this in your financial resolution targets. You can set aside a 20-30 percent of earnings to be allocated in the savings investments.

In selecting the investments you have to adjust with the ability to manipulate the risks as well as potential for growth. You like challenges and want to grab a big advantage but the inexperienced become investors, mutual funds or investments able to pick stocks. Usually you can get help from investment managers who manage your corresponding investment targets set. Or want a low risk investment as a beginner? You can choose the investment forex or gold that capital can be started from $ 100.

Setting up an emergency fund
Enter the hospital, renovation of home, loss of jobs and other things that are included in a true emergency need. The edges you need to realize the cost of emergency needs. And General Emergency Fund is often forgotten because managing their finances according to plan much easier than setting up an emergency fund. We recommend that you set up an emergency fund in order to finance the 3-6 months in advance. If you are Laid Off unexpectedly, you do not need to be troubled again think of the cost of living because it helped with emergency funds.

The Most Popular Financial Resolutions

Create a budget and stick to it
Try to organize your financial conditions without creating a budget just driving a car without gasoline. A budget that is very useful to know the expenses each month. Once you know where your money goes, you can decide to press on.

In making a monthly budget, enter also funds for savings; pay the debt until an emergency fund. Then the rest is used for buying daily necessities (food, transport and gasoline money, monthly spending, and more). Try to be obedient on the budget that you have made to gain financial independence.

The thought of retirement savings
Retirement is still a long time, why saving for retirement savings? If you have such thoughts, soon waste away. You will never know when you stop working. When your age is still productive, then there is an opportunity to accumulate retirement savings. Especially if your dream is to enjoy old age with the fun activities the soul and mind like a vacation around Europe for example.

To start your retirement funds, set aside only 10-15 percent of income during your work. Say your income at the age of 25 is $ 500 million. Set aside 10 percent that is $ 50 to get in retirement savings. Productive working age ranges between 25-55 years. That means you have 30 years of productive age to work. Total retirement savings you for 30 years was $ 18,000. A fund large enough to be enjoyed when your pension.

Buy a House and car
Whether next year you plan on buying a home or car as a complement the needs? If the answer is yes, it's a sign you should work harder to raise the financial coffers. However, before you decide to take a home loan or car loan, make sure that your financial conditions afford the appropriate amount specified each month. It is very important to evaluate your financial capability and so that it cannot get tangled in debts piled up to a later date.

Save the cost of children's education
Already so it goes without saying that the turn of the year to make the cost of education is always rising. Sometimes the cost of education has always been a polemic for every parent. Because education costs, inflation could reach 10 percent. In the year 2016, that you want to send your children, we recommend that you have already prepared the Education Fund 1 -2 the previous year.

Has guided financial
Have a regular financial condition is the dream of every individual. To this end the financial resolution in 2016 majority tinged with a better financial life. To have guided financial, you can apply it by thinking wise when managing finances, paying bills on time, set aside an emergency fund to set up retirement savings. Make a note of every expense that you do as little as whatever it is into the budget.

By doing these things consistently, it will produce financially focused and better in the future. Financial conditions of these headers will make you feel comfortable even though earnings are limited. If you act against financial discipline then you will easily send your child to the school of her dreams, or plan your long-term goals such as retirement.

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