How to Safely Invest Property

Possible for you to invest property is not as safe as investing in gold and securities. But, if you have sufficient funds, there are no wrong try this investment.

The property has an advantage because they price is not violate and can provide double income. If it is not sold for a higher price, it could still rent.

Before you buy property, consider some of the suggestions from Tejasari CFP, an Independent Financial Planner from Tatadana Consulting:

Select location that can still be expanded, because there is still hope your property experienced price increase. Additionally note the surrounding environment. What is the residential neighborhood or place of burial, whether located in the flood or not, whether it be on the side of the road or hard accessible by public transport, and so on. Very accurate considerations determine increase in the price of your property in the future.

Access Road
Note the status of the road leading to the land you want to buy, whether just hitchhike on the ground or is already reflected in the map of the village. Do not let you buy a property that does not yet have official road access.
How to Safely Invest Property

The Status of the Land
Some things to note about this are:

- The status of the land ownership must be clear, whether individual, the land Government cash, or property of the company, and whether the land is certified or not.
- What is the status of the land ownership property letter or other rights such as building use rights? This is to anticipate the problem of lawsuit at a later date and ease the process of the making and behind the name of the certificate.
- Don't buy the land status is not clear or still pledged to another party. For example, the status of the land is still in the process of litigation of disputes in court (inheritance, divorce, land acquisition, seized collateral).

Public Facilities
Search property that facilitated the electrical and water networks. Note if water conditions are good and decent consumption. If the building is not facilitated telephone network, you can still use mobile phones. Other public facilities is the ease to buy goods or daily needs, is easy to place a doctor for medical treatment, etc.

Make sure the properties you buy have an easy transportation access so there is no difficulty to get to the place location.

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