Source of Family's Financial Problems

Financial problems can happen to anyone, including your family that closely manages finances. Its gets worse, many people are not aware that they have financial problems. They had realized their expenses greater than income when the big problems already wait in front of the eyes. There were no savings, but the child must pay the entrance fee to junior high school, or the husband's job loss.

According to a survey conducted earlier, the 2013 Finance ZAP three sources of the family financial problems was 50 percent could not tell which deposits, savings, and investments. In addition 19 percent and 32 percent owed hobbies have a high lifestyle.

It is expressed by the business and financial planner, Prita Ghozie. She said the salaries of the workers usually last only a week. Saving until the end of the month is up again. According to her, this is because they cannot distinguish the calculator money, savings, and investment. "Now, because of the savings never existed, if the debtor would need money," she said told reporters in Jakarta.

Source of the Family's Financial Problems

According to her, if familiar owed then someone will have a high lifestyle. Because the money has not yet been accumulated is familiar, but we impose themselves have a good now but with how indebted.

Prita said, typically, people who owe said it would look for a new job so they don't owe. This is especially experienced by the mothers. While the male stress thinking about this. But according Prita, actually earning a person never affects welfare later.

"A little bit of money is definitely enough for living expenses. But a lot of money, whatever, will not be enough for the lifestyle. Believe me, the salary was just $ 500 sure enough, salary $ 1000, $ 2000, not enough for the lifestyle. But if for everyday eating and needs, must be set up," she added.

Not Saving
You can't stand to save money, so you spend the rest of the money your pay check at the end of the month. The habit of spending money without savings like this will continue to be carried away, even if your salary has increased many times over. When salaries are getting up, lifestyle is getting u, isn't it?

The deficit is the source of almost all financial problems. Why? By having expenditure than income, then, your deposits will be used to cover the deficit, so that your deposits will continue to be reduced and, if your mistress is exhausted, you will sell your property to add to the stash of cash, so time your property will also be sold out.

So the key here is simple, namely, do not get expenses greater than income. Because all of this could be a source of financial problems.

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