The Main Mistake In Starting a Business

The main mistake in starting a business - We often read in media about story of success, was amazing and we want to be like them. But do you know how they get to success? Hard work, discipline, and continue to try something new, that's one of the key has them.

We think the purchase center to buy cheap, then sold retail. But it happen a lot of the requirement, you must have the capital for great shopping, you have to have its own store in strategic places.

The business is not issue fortunately how. Nothing can free shopping. However, the business is the distribution chain. This is the chain's debt.

From the factory to sell to distributors with debt, from the distributors sells to wholesale also with debt. Ago from selling wholesale to retailers paid cash!

Take a look at how the distribution chain works the greater the scale the size of your business, the power you are getting TOP or term of payment. It consists of payment and credit plafond.

The following is an example of a huge mistake in starting a business.

The Main Mistake In Starting a Business

1. You start a business by renting shops. Shop bestselling first year, second year store owners don't want to rent again, you moved and shops deserted.

2. You start a business with a lease contract for five years. The third year you want to quit but still rent penalty 2 years again.

Bottom line-don't do business with thin capital, for example, pay stock inventory stores with loans loan sharks because you instantly at the tip of the horn.

3. Start a business doesn't rely on you. You may make a factory, however many mistakes people i.e. can make you lose.

4. Good business relies on the right person (trust) through a closed network. That is the closed neighborhood networks where in it can monitor the integrity and honesty. Better looking for someone trustworthy than finding money (opportunity).

Closed network here such as childhood best friends where we could mutually control checks and balance.

5. Good business is human chains, chains of trust that the business was built for the common interest and the risk of joint costs. Build a foundation together.

Trust is a precious capital in business. Why trust is hard earned?

A trust it requires a long period of time. Can it be 30 years older? Why?

1. In this life when age reaches it's usually 30-45 years of wondering, independent, adventuring, and full risk. However reached the age of 45 and above are usually already established.

So life is history. With whom you used to grow. It's like the movie adult or adult minions. The condition of man after 30 years is certainly different. That belief is formed.

2. The belief such as warranty. When the factory gives TOP (term of payment) to someone how their financial guarantee? Like you need collateral bank credit, any business need assurance. Who would want to insure you?

Usually after 8 years the state has begun to seem trustworthy and who could not. Therefore don't you searched for trust. It is like you are back to the future. Because you still don't have enough history.

How do I produce the trust?
In addition it took 10 years of 30 year trust it can also be produced. Young children usually live with the ambitions of the private self.

To earn the trust you have to prove that the products or services that you offer in accordance with product quality. Don't make false testimonials to confuse consumers or business associates.

Keep it just a promise, if you promise to pay the debt on the date specified, then pay your debt fits the dates specified. Or if you promise to meet up at the appointed hour, keep it just a promise that you make to business associates or consumers.

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