How to Plant a Durian in a Pot

How to plant a durian in a pot - Who are not interested with the delicious taste of durian fruit? Yes, this one is very popular because the deliciousness of fruit is matchless. Therefore, there is a little person who is addicted to eating fruit with thorns.

This prickly fruit growing prestige soared along with the taste of sweet and delicious. In fact, the term gained its durian fruits. Not only that, many people also want to cultivate its own durian in the courtyard house or garden. For that, there is a way to plant a durian in a pot that is easy and practical.

Along with the progress of the age including business fruits in a pot that began to develop then a lot of people who call the term cultivation in pots durian (a fruit plant in a pot). Indeed, the durian is not the kind of plants that are easily grown in a medium pot. How to plant a durian in a pot requires extra time and effort. Good durian plant actually directly in the media for planting directly on the ground. Many things can cause the failure of planting a durian in the media like that. It's just that, durian can still grow in a medium pot.

How to Plant a Durian in a Pot

How to plant a durian in a pot isn't easier & tastier as the land directly. Typically, the durian flowers are planted in pots are difficult to grow optimally. Even to be a ripe fruit is very difficult. Not uncommon fruit can last up to adulthood and then fall out by itself. Good durian plant requires extensive planting media and unlimited. For, including durian plant type large rooted and extends to the side. Therefore, pot media less suitable for durian.

The media pot that has a smaller volume is very limiting the growth of the root. Finally, the need for the plant nutrient elements will be dormant. Well, in order to overcome it, you should handle it with the fulfillment of the nutrient elements as needed in the media pot. How to plant a durian in a pot is more in need of special care and attention. That way, the plant can also grow as usual. To that end, planting good durian on the media pot should also think of the intake of nutrients to plants. Because, intake of nutrient for the plants can keep growth remain excellent.

Not to be overlooked is how to plant a durian in pots need media in the form of manure and clay in a balanced way. Yes, if you use a comparison which is around 1:1. That is, the needs of the clay with the same fertilizer.

Once considered old enough, durian ready moved to the ground. This is because the media pot can only be used when the small plants to grow up. Then, durian should be transferred to the soil before the ground must be perforated. The size of the hole is adjusted to the size of the poly-bags on pot.

Previously, the land was was given artificial fertilizers as supporting the fertility of the soil. Commonly used fertilizers are phosphorus fertilizer in the form of TSP with rate of 2 tablespoons or 20 grams.

The fertilizer is aimed to maximize the growth of the root. Then, after the plant is sunk into the ground, it was given again as well as TSP fertilizer dose similar with Furadan. How to plant a durian in a pot is indeed required diligence and patience. That way, you can enjoy maximum results.

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