5 Ways to Maintain Characteristic Business

In running business, we will face various forms of constraint, no exception the existence of competition efforts. Facing things that are sometimes beyond the allegations of the seasoning has become if we are observant, it will make our increasingly active in running the business.

Every business that existed up to this time certainly has the characteristic of each, and to maintain a characteristic is indeed not easy, but it does not mean we cannot do so. This time, I will share my experience about tips on how to maintain the characteristic of your business so that no uniform with other businessmen.

Specify the Identity of the Color
Every day we see colors, all we get out of bed, to sleep again. I often perform experiments to friends asking me about the color of a particular product. And 80% when answering, they responded the dominating color of the business. So, the importance of color for business identity that we run.

Dear Consumers Calls
An ideal business is a business that greet with certain calls against the consumer or prospective consumer would purchase or use our services. Like when my teammates greet aspiring solo service user’s souvenirs, I call my prospective consumers with "bro" or "friend of the solo", this will give the impression of relaxing and not too stiff against the consumer. Be careful in the selection of the call, try not impressed offensive prospective consumers.

The Presentation of the Products in Social Media
For any anything presented in social media, we should pay attention to the quality of the presentation of the products or services of bid business that we undertake. To get quality in rendering, a businessman must be good at knowing the age of prospective consumers who use our business. Make sure our presentation is universal, not stiff and not too childish.

Do Not Trace the Style of Business Competitors
Beware, the business is not about can we follow business opportunities business has developed, preferably iconic alias can give new things that are not the same as the others. Although ultimately there are following or plagiarism of our business, at least consumers will know which is qualified, where co-founder and where the follower. Trust yourself with the style of the content of the business we have.

Not Just About Profit, Gift is very important
Many who thought that the business is only about profit and loss, yeah right, we also have to think of a good thing. Will be luckier if we could make consumers become loyal towards our business (long term), give a free gift to the consumer. In running the business, I always give it for free to the consumer I am and my relationship with consumers very closely up to this time.

Stay confident with the hallmark of our business, do not easily provoke to "plagiarize" other business style. Therefore, consumers now have been very smart to compare things.

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