Tips To Buy a Home for Freelance Workers

Buying a home is indeed not an easy thing for the citizens of large cities, particularly for freelance workers. Because house prices are expensive and not enough salary most home purchase credit is carried out with the complete complex requirements.

The terms of the proposed bank ever sometimes make it difficult for those workers not fixed alias freelancers. These freelance workers often become not confident at the moment want to make a home loan.

However, for those of you who's status as a freelancer, doesn't mean you can't buy a House. There is a lot of finesse that can do to buy a house in credit. The following three tips that could carry out freelancer in order to buy a House:

Tube 30 percent of income
Assuming income of $ 500 to $ 700 per month, at least the money savings should reach 40 percent of the minimum income per month. So, in two years you will have savings of $ 4.800.

Money $ 4.800 will be used for the payment of a cash advance home for $ 15.000. A number of developer’s home very simple type can still be obtained at a price of $ 15.000. Doing research at a number of  sites selling the House to obtain a House priced at $ 15.000.

Given the down payment home loan typically ranging from 30 percent of the price of the House, then the money $ 4.800 cash advance made enough already.

Many other costs that should be prepared as you will be purchasing a home such as the cost of the notary public, behind the name of home ownership and other administrative expenses, then make sure to save money from the rest of the earnings.

Allocate at least 10 percent of the monthly earnings to the cost of others. In this way, within two years you will have $ 1.200 cash that can be used to pay for these costs.

Take Advantage of credit House promo
Look for banks that do credit promotion by giving tenor or tenor of up to 15 years. Make sure that the installment of his house cheap in order to comply with the income that you earn each month.

Looking for cheap home loan alternative
Keep in mind, is actually cheap home credit is not the only solution to get home loans. In addition to the home loan banks there are other facilities that you can take advantage of the credit system in the house where the buyer directly owed to developer.

Here developers will act just like a bank. However, usually the credit period offered is not too long. You can also borrow funds from parents or relatives to buy a House.

Provide an explanation of the payment scheme logical and so they believe you will pay off the loan.

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