Finance Careers

Career in finance are grouped into main as:
  1. Management of financial institutions which include: banks, insurance, storage and lending institutions, and credit agencies. For it, need to understand about money and capital market with all its aspects.
  2. The investment includes a job marketing securities, securities analysts, portfolio analysts and individual.
  3. Managerial finance covering financial management in different types of good company trade, services or manufacturing, whether small, medium or large, both private as well as Government.

In addition to the financial career opportunities, among others, namely financial manager, Management Trainee Sales, head of Production, raw materials & Assistant Marketing Manager, Administrative Staff, and others.

Finance Careers

Main activities financial manager.
  1. Forecasting and Planning.
  2. Investment and Financing Decision.
  3. Coordination and Control.
  4. Interaction with Capital Markets.

The Purpose of the Financial Manager.
Planning to use the funds to acquire & maximize the value of your bonds.

The Main Function of Financial Manager.
Plan, acquire and use the funds to produce the maximum contribution towards the efficient operation of an organization.

Decision become the responsibility of financial managers, namely:
  1. Take investment decisions. Concerning the issue of the selection of the desired investment from a group of opportunities that exist, choose one or more alternative investments are rated the most profitable.
  2. Financing decision. Concerning the issue of the selection of the various forms of source of funds available for investing, choose one or more alternatives for purchases that raises the cost of the least expensive.
  3. Decisions of the dividend. Concerning the issue of the determination of the magnitude of a percentage of the profits will be paid as a cash dividend to shareholders, the stability of dividend payments, the Division of stock dividends and buying back shares.

Those decisions must be taken within the framework of the objectives which should be used by the company i.e. maximize the value of the company.

The performance of a financial manager looks at three of the decisions he had made. Financial manager shall be obliged to make decisions fulfillment of capital requirements. This means the quantity and quality of capital from capital sources are not acceptable free entrance and then expressly stated in the liability.

However, the effectiveness and efficiency became the focus of attention. Any attention diverted to the right decision and save money with regard to the allocation of liability for assets. The result of the assignment of activities, always give profit or profit. Then some profit back, walking through liability wherein partly fill the pockets of the giver of the capital.

Thus a Manager makes a decision on the existence of financial liability, liability allocation decision on the assets, and the decisions of the management of profits or dividends. Three decision has put forth in its existence is principled must be effective and efficient.

The Concept of Small Business Financial Manager.

Cost Management and Value Chain Management.
The basic concept of every small business financial manager was instrumental in the development of overall business strategy by considering alternative use of resources, by measuring the expected effects of each alternative so that it becomes the "leader of change".

Product costing system: Concept and Design Issues.
The basic concept of Financial Managers every small business understand the important inputs in a production process, tracing the flow of costs through process, look for the possibility of an alternative method for calculating the cost of the product, creating a different stimulus, as well as measure the costs for internal decision-making.

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