Reason why you should resign as soon as possible

Should from the company's place of work is not an easy choice. Especially make employees who've survived for many years in the company.

Many of the benefits that you can already enjoy in the company other than the leave and allowance money feast. In fact, some from you already provided the flexibility of time to permit, work outside the Office, and the other because the boss has a high level of trust with you.

Reason why you should resign as soon as possible

But there are times when you have to resign for the sake of a better future. All of you must have goals to be successful, right? Sometimes, better career opportunities can only be obtained with a resigned from the company and look for new ones.

Let me first recognize more clearly, you shall sign 7 resign immediately from the gates to work now. When you experience one of 8 this sign:

The future of the company you work the more dismal
The company's turnover dropped dramatically to reach 70% for more than 3 months. The Board of Directors each year always has a turn, but not anyone have a surefire solution to create the company.

No innovation also can be done by the officers of the company. Most of the manager and group head begin to resign one by one.

If this happens in the company of thy works, then this is a signal for you to immediately find "lifeboat rescue" aka new workplace.

When you encounter this phenomenon, browsing job postings, do not procrastinate. Due warning of Layoffs can appear at any time.

There is no hierarchy of a good career
Your works are very nice; you are also a person who can always reach the target in all programs work. But the gifts that you have received is just the Charter awards each year as "Employee of the Year," not a rise in position.

If you encounter this event, for what the company in the long-settled? Especially for you young aka aged 20 years. It's time looking for a new challenge in the new company.

Often not believed to carry responsibility
You've got a potentiality that is capable of completing tasks, but because of office politics, you are thus not involved in important projects in progress. It's his mark; the culture in place, work is not healthy.

Not rarely the person experiencing the phenomenon of discrimination like this. Job discrimination could have been caused due to social problems, such as religion, race, education, and even simple issues such as factors like or do not like the employer against the employee.

Resign one after you accepted at the new company, and maximize your potential there.

You more competent than the boss
Some of you surely pleased when in this position. The very same dependence boss yourself, especially if his boss's fun and friendly. Not infrequently they give you freedom and flexibility, because you are better versed in all things than he was.

Why should resign as soon as possible if you are there in this position? Turning to ask yourselves, why is that so, and he's not the boss of you far more competent? Loss of employment, create the person not competent.

Led by a boss who not good
The deciding factor is also becoming bosses whether you would survive long in this company or not. Because in the world of work, should you find is "the boss." Any weighing job, definitely you can go through if the boss to motivate you.

If the boss has a level of leadership that bad, corrupt, self-serving, and this will be a sign you should resign as soon as possible.

Learn from this experience. And when you present in a job interview with the "user," study the character of the candidates your boss with details. Starting from the style of speech, timeliness when you encounter, and his view reserved company place to work.

Necessities of life increased but not added to the salary
As time goes by, the need is certainly growing and should it also be followed with the salary rise. The salary is too small not sure would be able to help you to save money with more.

Interfere with your life
Can be hard work, but don't then it disrupts your personal life. Do not let the affair because of work, so fewer holidays, you cannot hang out the same friends, chat with your family, or sports.

If your life just so not healthy, how would like to earn money with a maximum? Immediately resign and find a new company where you can carry a reasonable work load.

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