How to Invest While Paying Debt

Money is the thing that sometimes gets us confused. On the one hand, you'd love to save money. However, because on the other side you have a debt, then inevitability these debts must be paid so that the salary is not enough anymore for savings.

A large number of debts to be paid of course be disastrous for you. Debt is like nightmare that always haunts our sleep. If asked, do you want to invest while paying all debts?

How to Invest While Paying Debt

The question above is indeed very confusing. Sometimes the mind arises "How can probably investing while in debt owned by piling up". The debt here could include debt Mortgages, motor vehicles, debt and credit card debt because to be paid each month.

If you want both goes according to expectations, you are indeed prosecuted should be disciplined and capable of designing a good financial? How do you do?

Knowing the Total Personal Assets
Invest while paying debt are two options that both could be done simultaneously. You are still incurred debt should analyze how much personal wealth owned at this time. Starting from the property, motor vehicles, gold, securities (mutual funds, deposits, and stocks), electronic equipment, as well as a number of existing savings in the bank.

If all personal assets has managed to accumulate, try to calculate how much the value of all. By knowing the total amount, you will be easier to invest.

Knowing the Total Debt
In life, certainly never the same name off the debt. Debt is one of the obligations that must be paid every month. To make it easier for us when making the payment, make a note in the post where you owe and calculate how much your debt.

When making payment, try to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first. When it's done, then the debt with lower interest rates. If paying the debt without regard to tribal flowers, later even the interest to be paid is getting doubled.

Making a Calculation
After finding out how much total debt owned, do calculations with salary received each month. You can make a simple calculation by means of reducing the salary earned with the magnitude of the debt to be paid. The rest of the obtained are then used to finance their everyday life and savings. If there are still remaining slightly, then the money can be invested.

Do the calculation of debt carefully and do the payment quickly. So that you can more freely in investing.

Create a Balance
Investment and debt service payments are two important sections that will always be in your life. You can't ignore one between them. In order for the financial state of being healthy, you need to divide what percentage to pay debts and what percentage for investment. Try both balanced. If a larger percentage of debt, it is not a big problem. The most important is still has time to be invested.

In addition, you should also have an emergency fund. Because you never know what will happen in this lifetime, for that fund this one is also not to be missed. Not only because of the emergency fund is empty, so you fall into debt more.

All that was wanted in life may actually be achieved if you discipline and meant it. Same is the case with debt repayment and investment. Both can also be done if you are disciplined in regulating finance.

Look for the kind of investment that is profitable and does not require the existence of a Commission payment. If you are the ones who risk takers or risk-taking, then could try the type of investment the medium or long term. Such investments in mutual funds, bonds, and stocks.

Align between the investment and the debt is indeed extremely difficult. So that both could go according to expectations, you are required to commit to and avoid the consumerist attitude. Thus, the financial conditions will be healthy and stay awake.

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