3 Things that make you Hard to Save

Many people still think that saving is not the important things. Indeed the benefits of saving long term in nature, but when the benefits of savings will be greatly felt in the future when you have retired from work while enjoying your days old.

From this perception, eventually a lot of people are reluctant to save, whether in large or small quantities. Here are 3 causes of why until today you still do not want to save:

3 Things that make you Hard to Save

Always a postpone
Many people are aware that saving is required but has not been a priority because they feel the retirement is still a long time. When saving not just for retirement, but to help your financial condition in the face of unexpected things that come suddenly as accident, illness, or the termination of the working (Layoffs). So start saving now, don't procrastinate any longer.

Saving spent a long time
For someone who doesn't want to save money, he will not be thinking of investing for the future the most important for him is life today. Good savers sometimes instead of doing other things fun every now and then to refreshing, not any time wasting money from the results of his work.

Improved lifestyle
When you get a bonus from work, certainly the first thought that comes up is how to spend that money to go shopping. Become a consumerist is extremely dangerous. For if allowed to continue, it has always felt more money will make you keep trying to spend it and the resulting waste.

Do not have any long term plans or financial goals
If you've compiled your financial plan in a long period of time you will be reluctant to save. Now it is starting to think your finances in the period ahead.

Here are three things the cause why you are reluctant to save up until now. Start one now to save money is to give a first new the rest of his money is spent for the sake of a better financial life in the future.

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